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How Much Do You Know About the Pentagon Memorial's Design?

By James K. Sanborn
Maryland Newsline
Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008

1.When did construction begin on the Pentagon Memorial Park?


2. How much did the memorial cost to design and build?

$8 million
$22 million
$30 million
$60 million

3. How many benches are there in the park?


4. How are the memorial's benches organized?

They are divided by militairy and civilian casualties.
They are grouped by age.
They are randomly arranged.
They are alphabetically arranged.

5. How big is the memorial?

0.5 acres
2 acres
3 acres
5 acres

6. How young was the youngest victim?

3 months old
3 years old
6 years old
8 years old

7. How old was the oldest victim?

70 years old
71 years old
82 years old
96 years old

8. Where in the memorial did designers use materials salvaged from the Pentagon's rubble?

The memorial's gravel
The memorial's encompassing wall
The memorial's entrance sign
The memorial's threshold

Copyright 2008 University of Maryland Philip Merrill College of Journalism

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